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Hi Driver thank you for joining the app,

The Macedon Taxi App is provided to you as an option for you to obtain work in the Macedon Ranges area. The owner of the app is committed to have an ongoing advertising so to provide you work on an ongoing basis, we are committed to provide the best work, in the Macedon Ranges area.

To keep the work coming to you on the app, we will be charging a 20% charge on all jobs, that means if you complete a $10 fare you will be charged 20% fee which equal to $2

The 20% goes toward the ongoing running operation of website and App

                          The expenses consist of:   Google Maps (Every time Google map is used on the app Google Map charges the app)

                                                                         Maintenance of the app (To keep app Ranking.)

                                                                         Maintenance of the website (To keep website Ranking.)

                                                                         Ongoing News Paper advertising

                                                                         Online Yellow Page advertising

                                                                         Website hosting

                                                                          Domain hosting

                                                                         PBX Phone Systems

                                                                         Business Cards

                                                                         IT Maintenance on the over whole

                                                                         Ongoing social media advertising

We the owner of the app will operate with a transparent operation, we will keep you informed of all advertising and will take on board any feedback and idea from drivers, and we post all drivers feedback on the forum to all drivers.

To keep the app running and being successful.

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