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Help keep yourself safe from coronavirus: wash your hands regularly with soap and water, use and dispose of tissues appropriately, cough and sneeze into your elbow if you don't have a tissue, and avoid close contact with others where you can. Read more:

As a response to the COVID19, our drivers have been instructed to clean and disinfect their vehicle after every passenger vacating the vehicle. Especially belts and door handles and interior surfaces are cleaned properly, if you consider you may be at risk of having COVID19 please let the driver know so that they can take extra precautions.


Driver Information during your shift

Drivers for your safety and health during your shift please ensure that you follow safety procedures:

1. Insure that you wipe and clean your vehicle with appropriate disinfectant and wear a mask when appropriate, during trips with passengers.

2. Insure to wipe down door handles, seat belts and spray disinfectants after every trip to maintain clean environment for the next passenger.

3. Please ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly or use your hand sanitizer at all times.


Drivers remember that good hygiene practices are the most effective means of minimising the spread of COVID-19

Macedon Taxi Service is a approve accredited Network Service Provider
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